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Lockdown Brews Fresh Crisis for Karnataka Coffee Growers

 Reeling under distress and losses due to rains, floods and landslides over the last two years, the Covid-induced lockdown has been brewing fresh crisis for coffee growers in Karnataka, the land of the aromatic beverage, according to a trade representative, here on Saturday.

Great-Tasting Coffee Beans For Every Preference

No matter what roast you prefer, there is a bean that will deliver the sophisticated flavor and bracing caffeine boost you want from your morning (or afternoon or evening or late night) coffee. Here are some of the best we’ve found.

Coffee Giant Brazil Is Ready To Hoard Beans In Virus-Fueled Rout

A third of the estimated 68 million bags that will be picked this season are already sold after growers took advantage of a plunge in the local currency to lock in prices, according to consulting firm Safras & Mercado. That’s up from 28% at the same time last year and the 24% five-year average.

What To Do If Your Coffee Tastes Sour

If, for example, your coffee is sour, your initial reaction may be to blame the beans, but there are two other parameters you may want to try adjusting first. Our own Alice Bradley was having such an issue with some coffee she received from Atlas Coffee Club, so she reached out to the company to see what was up with that.

How To Get Coffee From Our Favorite Original Seattle Roasters: Quarantine Edition

You already know that Seattle has a rich coffee culture, but with many cafes closed and daily routines disrupted, it’s harder than ever to take advantage of that abundance. Luckily, there are still plenty of ways to get coffee from local, original roasting companies, which source their beans from sustainably run farms with fair trade practices, roast them right here in the city, and create their own special blends.