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Buying Guide: Fitness Junkies Are Loving Nutpods Coffee Creamer

Looking for a creamer that fits into you diet? Nutpods French vanilla creamer is perfect for a range of meal plans. It’s Whole 30 approved, keto friendly, paleo friendly, and suitable for vegans, vegetarians, lactose-free eaters, and diabetic diets. This zero-sugar dairy free coffee creamer contains no alternative sweeteners, but still gives you the smooth, rich taste of French vanilla.

fairlife Launches Dairy, Lactose Free Coffee Creamers

“Today, the creamer category is dominated by choices that lean heavily on indulgent flavors,” says Bill Kelly, chief marketing officer at fairlife in a recent press release.“As sales of premium coffee grow, our research shows that many consumers want to enhance the taste of their coffee, not cover it up.” 

Peeps Coffee Creamer Is Back Already So You Can Start Celebrating Easter Early

It’s about that time of year when coffee gets a bit…boring. It’s way too late (early?) for pumpkin spice and even peppermint is starting to lose its luster. Unless you want to resign yourself to drinking coffee black, you’ll just have to fall back on old faithfuls like French vanilla, hazelnut, and—what’s that?—the return of Peeps-flavored creamer?