Coffee Creamers

These Cereal-Inspired Coffee Creamers Will Make Mornings So Much Better

These Post Consumer Brands cereal-inspired creamers are coming to celebrate Fruity Pebbles’ and Cocoa Pebbles’ 50th birthday. They were designed to taste like the cereal, so the Fruity Pebbles brings a fruit flavor and the Cocoa Pebbles brings all the chocolatey goodness…

Coffee Mate Is Making An M&M’s-Flavored Coffee Creamer That Tastes Like Melted Chocolate

Coffee creamers are having a momentttt right now. We’ve gotten creamers that taste like everything from Funfetti to Cinnamon Toast Crunch to cookies & cocoa to…coffee itself! You can truly try a new one every week and never, ever get bored. But Coffee mate is here to let you know that they’re not done innovating. In fact, they clued us into one of their most exciting drops ever: M&M’s coffee creamer.