coffee grounds

Coffee No Longer A Wasted Resource

It is early in the morning and you brew a cup of coffee to sparkle your day. When your morning ritual is done you will most likely leave your spent coffee grounds in the bin. But they are not ready for the bin, not at all. Actually, your coffee grounds have a lot more to offer.

Scientists Discovered How To Ferment Coffee Grounds Into 80-Proof Liquor

Thanks to researchers at a Portuguese university, morning fun doesn’t have to end just because the coffeepot is empty. The remnants of your daily pour over are in the capable, jittery hands of scientists who have discovered a way to turn used coffee grounds into a pungent shot of courage.

What Happens To Coffee Grounds After They’re Used?

We know that the coffee industry has an impact on the environment. Every step of the coffee supply chain, from growing and processing to shipping and roasting, uses energy in some capacity and therefore has its own carbon footprint.

How Eggshells And Coffee Grounds Can Make Your Garden Grow

One of the best supplements for your garden’s health is compost. The circle of life and whatnot. But not everyone has the time or space for that kind of project. Even if you do, you might have qualms about the aesthetics and unsavory aromas resulting from a pile of decaying food scraps sitting on your counter or in your backyard.