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Coffee Producers Battle Price Gloom

Coffee growers are struggling, as falling prices amid the Covid-19 pandemic are resulting in most producer countries unable to cover their costs, “let alone provide a decent livelihood to their families,” the International Coffee Organization (ICO) said.

Bay Area Coffee Company Puts Colombian Growers Front And Center

Maria Jose Palacio grew up in Colombia’s coffee region, the fifth generation in a family of coffee growers.
She would seek her fortune away from the steep hills, the back-breaking work and the persistent poverty to become a field designer for such prestigious fashion lines as Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang and Maria Cornejo in New York City.

How Much Your Coffee Will Cost After COVID-19 Lockdowns

Needless to say, the pandemic has had an adverse effect on the greater coffee industry from the frontline customer right through to the local cafes and major bean growers. As some cafes around the world prepare to open up their doors again to socially distanced customers in small numbers, The CEO Magazine wanted to find out what that would mean for your future coffee drinking habits.