coffee harvest

Coffee and Coronavirus: A World of Difference

In the pastoral village of Santa María de Dota, not far from the Costa Rican coffee producing region of Tarrazú, coffee is everything. It directs all aspects of life: the economy, the cultural and social fabric, and the health of the environment. CoopeDota, the pillar of the community, plays a vital role in the lives of most residents.

COVID-19 Brings Bitter Times For Pepper, Coffee Planters In Kodagu

Between 90% and 95% of coffee has been harvested subsequent to the lockdown curbs across the district, and the harvest of pepper, an inter-crop in coffee plantations, was to begin this month. Pepper is usually harvested between March and May, and estates in Kodagu largely depend on migrant workers for the task.

Coffee Supply Isn’t Safe With Latin American Harvest Threats

Bank closures, reduced working hours, hampered mobility and fears of contagion on farms have all raised serious concerns that there won’t be enough laborers to collect coffee beans for harvests that will soon get underway. The pressure is especially acute in Colombia, Brazil and Peru, which account for almost two thirds of world output for the smooth-tasting arabica beans.