Coffee Pods

The Instant Pod Makes Quick K-Cup, Nespresso Coffee The Priority

It’s not easy to brew coffee fast, with care, and from scratch. The new Instant Pod coffee maker is built to do at least one of these things. It accepts coffee pods, which at least make coffee quick. Designed by the company that brought us the Instant Pot, Instant Brands, the Instant Pod also promises maximum convenience. 

How Long Does It Take For Your Coffee Pod To Decompose?

A news release from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville tells readers that a Scientific Reports article has recently been published that assessed the life cycle of disposable coffee pods; and, shows why the coffee pod you choose for your single-cup coffee machine matters.

Bed Bath & Beyond Sold the Equivalent of 10 Million Cups Of Coffee This Month

Shopping priorities have been scrambled by COVID-19 containment measures in recent weeks, but themes are starting to emerge as everyone adjusts to more time spent at home. On Wednesday, specialty retailer Bed Bath & Beyond (NASDAQ:BBBY) revealed that digital sales have nearly doubled since it temporarily closed most of its stores on April 2.

Coffee Pod Hacks – Save Up To 75% Refilling Alternatives

Caffeine may well be the cornerstone of modern society, but increasingly its consumption is costing the earth due to the many time-saving yet single-use items associated with it. If you’ve already switched over a few items, see My Zero Waste morning routine for some more ideas, and you’re getting discounts using a reusable cup – check out my blog on How saving the planet can save money on your coffee – what more can you do?