How A Coffee Company CEO Is Getting Through The Pandemic

Before the pandemic, we had over 60 employees. We had, you know, some of the top tier tech companies as our clients and had six coffee shops. March hit and the coronavirus first started sending people home. First thing happened was our coffee accounts, our office accounts, closed down. And then we closed down all of our coffee shops. All six of them.

Wixom Community Pitching In To Help Save Women’s New Coffee Shop Amid COVID-19

Making matters worse, Carolan says they weren’t able to get loans through the Paycheck Protection Program or the Small Business Administration. Carolan says while business has started to pick back up, it’s nowhere near where it was pre-pandemic. And now this cafe is among the many businesses struggling to survive.

Coffee, Coronavirus And The Uncertain Future Of High Street Cafe Culture

Before coronavirus hit, the UK had a thriving coffee shop culture, with around 26,000 coffee shops across the country. But by the end of March 2020 many coffee shops were closed, or only open for takeaway. Up to 92% of coffee shops are estimated to have closed at some point during the lockdown, as it was not viable, or possible, to continue on a purely takeaway basis.