Ethiopia: Solidifying Ethiopia As The Birthplace Of Coffee

In addition, I wanted to bring value addition far from the poor quality products that are often exported from other nations within Ethiopia such as in coffee. And while I started my career in textile, I also decided to venture into coffee because I love coffee. While we know Ethiopia is the home of coffee, where it was first discovered, I feel we have not really realized our potential.

Ethiopia: Coffee Prices More Unpredictable Than Ever

After the Ethiopian Coffee & Tea Authority established a daily minimum price for coffee exporters, reviews remain mixed. While some say it increases exporters’ bargaining power, others argue that the minimum price does not factor in the nation’s supply chain or the domestic price, writes Gelila Samuel, Fortune staff writer.

Coffee-Roasting Company Brings Ethiopian Blends To Sarasota

Growing up in Ethiopia, Charlot witnessed the nation’s luxurious coffee drinking traditions. Elaborate coffee ceremonies were performed three times a day in her home, with the finest glass cups, special pots called jebenas and extravagant white clothing. Charlot watched her parents slowly roast, grind and brew small batches of green coffee beans each time they wanted to enjoy a fresh cup.

Inside Ethiopia’s Endangered Wild-Coffee Forests

Walking into the montane cloud forests with a small group of coffee collectors, ducking under mossy, low-hanging branches, ropey lianas, and slender wild coffee trees broken by baboons trying to reach their sweet fruit, is like returning to a time when rivers ran unimpeded and great forests ruled the land.