Tea, Coffee Farmers Hail Munya’s Sector Reforms

The farmers warned directors of the Kenya Tea Development Agency opposed to the reforms to stop playing politics with the vital sector. They gathered at Shabaha Stadium, Kionyo and Kariene Primary School in South Imenti and Central Imenti constituencies.

The Socially Conscious Shopper’s Guide To Buying Coffee And Tea

A cup of coffee or tea might seem like such a simple ritual. But our daily cup (or two, or three) owes everything to our colonial, slave-built economy that relied on European and American trade with Central and South America, the Caribbean, Africa, and Asia.

Leveraging Technology For Better Coffee

If we’re going to make sure farmers get what they need to produce coffee sustainably, we need to figure out how to better distribute value, said Alexander Barrett, CEO of iFinca. With iFinca handling the heavy work of sharing verified information, we’re able to create efficiencies across the supply chain that ensure that farmers are better compensated and receive a living income.

What Do Coffee And Chocolate Have In Common?

Both coffee and chocolate have ancient histories. While you may know that chocolate originated in the Americas, coffee seems to have first come onto the human radar in about A.D. 200 … via dancing goats in southwest Ethiopia. Goats, I hear you cry?