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Scientists Discovered How To Ferment Coffee Grounds Into 80-Proof Liquor

Thanks to researchers at a Portuguese university, morning fun doesn’t have to end just because the coffeepot is empty. The remnants of your daily pour over are in the capable, jittery hands of scientists who have discovered a way to turn used coffee grounds into a pungent shot of courage.

Govt Kicks Off ‘Coffee Week’ To Market Regional Beans

The Trade Ministry launched “Indonesia Coffee Week” on Monday to promote the nation’s beans and boost exports, especially to the European Union (EU), as trade lags during the pandemic. The event aims to market coffee varieties with a Geographical Indication (GI), a designation for products that have a specific region of origin and possess qualities or a reputation related to that region.

Community Coffee Company Launches Hurricane Laura Relief Efforts

In the wake of Hurricane Laura, Community Coffee Company has committed to donating 10% of proceeds from the sales of Community® coffee and tea products in retail grocery locations in Louisiana and Texas through Oct. 31, 2020, up to $100,000, to support The Salvation Army’s Hurricane Laura relief efforts.

This Is The Tastiest Instant Coffee Brand

With $7 lattes becoming the norm and boutique coffee shops around every corner, it’s easy to become a coffee elitist. And if you fancy yourself a coffee snob, you may look past instant coffee blends. But instant coffee has made strides in the past few years. And with new brands offering up varieties and bringing an elevation to the category, instant coffee is worth a second look—so we’re bringing you a list of the best instant coffee brands on the market.

Coffee Rust Is Going To Ruin Your Morning

In the southern corner of Guatemala, outside the tiny mountain town of San Pedro Yepocapa, Elmer Gabriel’s coffee plants ought to be leafed-out and gleaming.

This Reusable Coffee Filter Means I Never Worry About Running Out

I cannot claim to be a coffee expert (I’ll leave that to Chris Morocco). I was the person in college who never complained about our dining hall coffee, which I would drink at breakfast, lunch, and after dinner. If it was hot (or even hottish), strong, and caffeinated, I was in.