Apparently Coffee Filters Are the Perfect Shape for Face Masks

Wearing a coffee filter as a COVID-19-fighting mask isn’t entirely as ridiculous as it sounds. As Melitta—the German company credited with inventing the paper coffee filter—will tell you, they already make a standard-sized cone filter that fits the face perfectly.

Starbucks Employees Will Start Wearing Masks

While businesses across the country are floundering amid the COVID-19 pandemic, many restaurants and food companies are in full operation providing for their customers. Workers may be grateful to still have jobs, but conditions can be precarious since these employees don’t have the luxury of working from home.

Starbucks Workers Using Closed Cafe to Sew Masks

“It’s a horrible position for medical workers to be in, and a horrible situation we’re in right now with the virus,” she said in a story published on Starbucks’ website. “I felt really helpless. I think a lot of us feel really helpless right now. So, I just thought, ‘What’s one thing that I could do right now that might make a difference?'”