COVID-19 And Starbucks: Short-Term Pain, Long-Term Gain

Last week, I started to “update” my analysis of companies, which I already covered in the past, but with a special focus on the business model with regard to COVID-19 and the upcoming recession. One of the companies covered so far, is the fast-food chain McDonald’s (MCD), which will be affected in a negative way by COVID-19 as well as the upcoming recession.

Don’t Toss That Cup: McDonald’s and Starbucks Are Developing Reusables

Those two chains alone blow through billions of paper cups a year, and most are coated with a plastic lining that makes them almost impossible to recycle. Eliminating that waste would go a long way toward meeting environmental goals set by each company. The NextGen group also intends to try some new compostable and recyclable single-use cups in Oakland.