oat milk

America’s Favorite Coffee Chain Just Added Oat Milk To Its Menu

In January, Dunkin’ teased all coffee lovers by testing a vegan oat milk latte—but only at its California stores. However, the brand did mention it would make oat milk available as a substitute for cow’s milk sometime in 2020, and that time has finally come!

Three Benefits Of Oat Milk For Your Cereal, Coffee And Smoothies

Whether you’re lactose intolerant, vegan or simply prefer eating dairy-free, there’s an overwhelming array of milk options to choose from. Oat milk is a mild, creamy alternative, that, unlike its almond counterpart, won’t separate in your morning coffee and mixes easily in smoothies and baked goods. Here’s what you need to know about this popular milk alternative if you’re considering making the switch.

In Praise of the Walking Coffee

Here is what I’d do: I would drink coffee, and the twist is, I would also walk outside. That was the whole thing. Sometimes, I’d buy the coffee from a coffee shop, and so it would have oat milk, and sometimes I’d make the coffee at home, in which case, it would not have oat milk (suffering builds character). I got a Zojirushi travel mug for this purpose. It is so good I burn myself all the time.

Dunkin’ Bets On Oat Milk Lattes And Drip Coffee In 2020

A partnership with Beyond Meat, Inc. and the launch of signature lattes contributed to sales growth at Dunkin’ restaurants in the recent quarter. Looking ahead, executives of parent company Dunkin’ Brands Group, Inc. expect the introduction of a non-dairy oat milk latte to drive continued momentum.