Speciality Beans Head To Virtual Coffee Auction

Up to 45 producers and 56 types of speciality-grade coffee from 12 countries will join the first “Singapore Virtual (Micro Lot) Specialty Coffee Auction” on Thursday from 2pm to 4pm Bangkok time.

Reeders Coffee: Panama City Business Ships Locally Roasted Single Origin Coffee

Reeders Coffee, the couple’s new online storefront, features single origin coffee beans — all grown on one farm — roasted locally in Panama City. The couple currently sells coffee from Panama, but has plans to offer coffee from Costa Rica and Burundi within the month. Flavors are unique to where the beans were grown.

Heart Of Dark Roast: Journeying Deep Into Panama To Try A $1,000 Coffee Bean

It’s exactly like a perfect coffee commercial: a golden halo peeks over the horizon as midnight blues and then fiery reds give way to the pastel painting of a fresh morning. It’s sunrise atop Barú Volcano, where, from Panama’s highest point, at 11,400 feet above sea level, your eyes can scan from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean with a quick swivel of the head.