Panera Bread

Panera Coffee Subscription Offers To Pay Wi-Fi Bills For New Customers

Customers don’t need the coffee subscription to take advantage of Panera’s expanded free Wi-Fi, though. The indoor dining area at Panera has long been equipped with free Internet access, but the chain recently expanded its coverage as social distancing continues. The Wi-Fi now reaches the parking lot and curbside pick-up area.

Panera Bread Starts Unlimited Coffee Subscription For $9 A Month

Starting March 2, the bakery-café will serve unlimited coffee across its nearly 2,200 locations for those who sign up for the company’s free loyalty program and pay the $8.99 monthly subscription fee, plus tax. The promotion offers one cup of hot drip coffee, hot tea or iced coffee every two hours during regular Panera hours, in addition to free refills of the same drink at other locations.