Coffee Pod Hacks – Save Up To 75% Refilling Alternatives

Caffeine may well be the cornerstone of modern society, but increasingly its consumption is costing the earth due to the many time-saving yet single-use items associated with it. If you’ve already switched over a few items, see My Zero Waste morning routine for some more ideas, and you’re getting discounts using a reusable cup – check out my blog on How saving the planet can save money on your coffee – what more can you do?

Stop Polluting Our Environment With Plastic K-Cups!

Bernard Katz, President of Telesonic Packaging Corp., says “we manufacture a patented bio-based recyclable biodegradable, compostable
cup [RBC pod], which was designed to optimize a uniform extraction, and brew a higher
quality cup of coffee. Unlike the Keurig K-Cups, our cup is also environmentally friendly.