reusable cups

Don’t Toss That Cup: McDonald’s and Starbucks Are Developing Reusables

Those two chains alone blow through billions of paper cups a year, and most are coated with a plastic lining that makes them almost impossible to recycle. Eliminating that waste would go a long way toward meeting environmental goals set by each company. The NextGen group also intends to try some new compostable and recyclable single-use cups in Oakland.

Vancouver’s Approach To Coffee Cup Waste Is Too Weak

Vancouver is trying hard to go green. The western Canadian city has made more progress than most others in the country, with bans on foam food and drink containers and plastic straws, restrictions on plastic grocery bags, and an ambitious goal to be zero-waste by 2040.

Is Your Reusable Coffee Cup Really Making A Difference?

In Western Europe in particular, we have become increasingly fond of coffee shop culture with nearly 5 percent of all cafes focused on serving the bean-based beverage alone. The UK is one of Europe’s largest consumers and one in five Brits…