Boyers Coffee Will Rebuild After Devastating Fire

“Due to social distancing mandates and our curbside delivery program, we did not have any customers in the store when the fire started, and all employees who were onsite were safely evacuated with no injuries,” company officials told CBS4.

The Ultimate Cup: Macy’s European Coffee House And Bakery Celebrates 40 Years In Flagstaff

It was more than luck; it was knowledge, determination and firm principles that propelled Macy’s idea to open a coffee house. It was also a man named Carl Diedrich, a German who had—after fighting at the Battle of the Bulge, marrying into a family coffee, tea and cocoa business, studying the coffee industry in Naples, Italy, and purchasing a coffee plantation in Guatemala—built a retail coffee business from his garage with a hand-fabricated roaster.

What Do Coffee And Chocolate Have In Common?

Both coffee and chocolate have ancient histories. While you may know that chocolate originated in the Americas, coffee seems to have first come onto the human radar in about A.D. 200 … via dancing goats in southwest Ethiopia. Goats, I hear you cry?

Glen Coffee To Speak At Free Coffee-Making Event

It’s being organized by Combat Coffee founder William Cambardella and spotlights veteran-owned coffee makers. Called “The Science of Coffee Making,” it’s meant to explain how the coffee sourcing and retail business works while highlighting its connection to the military.