Stumptown Coffee

Stumptown Coffee: A Diversified Coffee Roaster Plus Retailer Survives The Pandemic

Overall, Stumptown Coffee’s business is down 20%, explained Mallory Pilcher, its director of brand from its Portland, Or. headquarters. “With everyone closing down, we saw our enormous channels shift from retail and wholesale to our consumer packaged goods grocery store business and direct to consumer business,” she said.

America’s Coffee Shops Just Might Survive This Moment

“Being able to say, ‘Hey, come have a coffee in our space, let us host you’ — I don’t think that hospitality moment is coming again anytime soon,” says Mallory Pilcher, head of brand at Stumptown Coffee. The scene across much of the American coffee industry right now is grim. Cafes nationwide are closed or operating at limited capacity; baristas are furloughed, laid off outright, or working with significant reductions in hours. And yet if you compare the situation to the ongoing restaurant apocalypse, there is some hopeful news coming out of the coffee landscape, a few small signs of uptick that point to the wider scope of where coffee in America is headed.