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Guatemalan Coffee Producers Talk COVID-19 In A New Video Series

That’s why PrimaVera, an importer focusing on specialty coffees in Guatemala, is letting the producers tell how COVID-19 is affecting them in their own words and voices. With their new Video Interview Series, PrimaVera has boots on the ground talking with producers and letting them tell their own stories.

COVID-19 Causes Supply Chain Headaches For Coffee Growers

Coffee culture is inextricably tied to the Latin American producers who grow much of the beans imported to America. These coffee farmers have been battling the environmental impacts of climate change and coffee rust for years, but now COVID-19 is disrupting supply chains and endangering the American coffee imports they rely on.

How COVID-19 Is Affecting Coffee Importers, In Their Own Words

Coffee is a global agricultural product that uses freight shipping to cross many border national borders, feeding back into the lives of millions of coffee growers and producers. It’s both a side of the industry that moves a little slower than the pace of a cafe or a roaster—decisions and world events happening now will result in impacts felt in the months and years to come.

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