How Dubai Facilitates International Trade In Tea And Coffee

DMCC was established in 2002 to attract, enable and promote trade through Dubai. Three years later in 2005, the DMCC Tea Centre was opened to boost global tea trade through the emirate and has subsequently facilitated the trade of more than 320 million kilos of tea.

Tea, Coffee Farmers Hail Munya’s Sector Reforms

The farmers warned directors of the Kenya Tea Development Agency opposed to the reforms to stop playing politics with the vital sector. They gathered at Shabaha Stadium, Kionyo and Kariene Primary School in South Imenti and Central Imenti constituencies.

The Best Black Tea For When Coffee Won’t Do

Tea is just tea, right? Well, not quite. Tea leaves come in countless varieties and are sourced from places scattered all around the globe, each one with distinct flavor profiles and characteristics. One of the most classic types is black tea.