Growing Coffee For Brighter Futures In Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe was once known as the ‘breadbasket of Africa’ for its fertile fields and valleys that grew wheat, tobacco, and corn for export across the continent and abroad. Coffee was a key crop, and globally recognized where connoisseurs sipped cups of the smooth, fruity Zimbabwe blends…

Revitalizing Zimbabwe’s Coffee Farms Through Education

Taking coffee from bean to cup is a complex process. A wealth of knowledge is needed to grow, harvest, and process those beans. In Zimbabwe, drought and economic crisis all but wiped out the coffee industry, and much of that essential knowledge with it. Agronomist Tafadzwa Nyakuchena works with the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program to help farmers regain that knowledge and learn updated methods, leading to better beans and the revitalization of the country’s coffee industry.

When Exceptions Become Commonplace

Pseudo Science

Caffeine Confusion Caffeine can either be friend or foe. The