SoftBrew Coffee

[wpg width=”256″ height=”300″ align=”right”]SoftBrew™ Coffee – Patented Stainless Steel Micro Filter
No Press – No Stress – No Mess
SoftBrew™  is a simple and fast way to brew an excellent pot of coffee.  Just put your favorite coffee in the filter, add hot water, stir and let it rest a few minutes and it is ready to enjoy.  There are many great advantages to the SoftBrew™.

  • The coffee beans are not squeezed as in a press pot.  They just brew/steep in the pot.
  • SoftBrew™ is not over filtered as with a paper filter system, no need to take filter out.
  • The water temperature is controlled by you.
  • No waste except the used beans.
  • Brewed Coffee Benefits:  ”Full body taste”, ”Full acidity” and “Controlled sediment”

George Sowden is the designer of the SoftBrew™.  It is very stylish and simple, yet has cutting edge technology.  The porcelain is handmade and the filter is a laser etched micro stainless steel filter.  Since 1971 George Sowden has designed hundreds of objects and is now designing under his own name for the first time.

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