Pro-Fondi, clean filters in a quick and ergonomic way.

[wpg width=”300″ height=”177″ align=”right”]A device which removes the coffee grounds from the filter quickly and to perfection, without the noise and the effort required by the classic hand-shaking of the filter , as well as with no dispersion of the grounds.
Pro-Fondi is the exclusive, patented, electrical device by Ambrodesign that speeds up the extraction of the coffee grounds and optimizes professional machine filter cleaning, thanks to the action of three rotating blades.
Simple, quiet and functional, designed to be installed next to the espresso machine: it is sufficient to drill a 10cm diameter hole on the counter top, and then insert into it the steel cylinder containing the brushes, from which, in the underlying part, hangs a bag where the coffee grounds fall by gravity, without dispersion. Thanks to that, the platform does not get dirty, but, above all, there is no proliferation of insects caused by the grounds that filter below it. The built-in version is paired with an external one, whose size is similar to the one of the classic tray.
It does not require periodic maintenance, but only a few seconds’ daily cleaning with a special brush at the end of service, necessary to remove the residues off the inside of the steel cylinder walls. Ergonomics is one of its major advantages: the operator’s arm is no longer subjected to stresses and shocks causing inflammation of the joints.
Pro-Fondi can do the intensive work required by businesses serving more than a thousand espressos every day, smoothly. It is present in more than 700 businesses; the last important recognition of its great features was the purchase of one hundred devices by illycaffè, which is going to install them in its premises.
A close examination
Pro-Fondi comes with a steel pipe inserted into the counter top of the bar, from which it protrudes by 10.5 cm, and to which it is fastened with four screws. On its top there is an impeller where the three blades allowing the cleaning of the 1 or 2 cup filter are fixed. The engine driving the impeller operates at 12 volts; therefore, it ensures maximum operational reliability.
The front is made of black plastic material obtained from a slot, inside which are two protruding ignition springs; when the filter is inserted, the engine starts the rotation: two blades clean the inside of the filter, adapting to different sizes and shapes. The third blade cleans the coffee grounds from the edges, which, if not removed, can cause the imperfect closure of the brewing chamber with subsequent leakage and coffee granules ending in the cup, which would alter the taste and quality of the espresso.
The steel pipe goes under the counter by 17 cm. Here is a ring with a snap closure where the coffee grounds collecting bag is attached. You can replace it every day or when it is full: the exhausted coffee aromas, oily and heavy, do not come out of the upper compartment.
Pro-Fondi was ranked second in the Premio Horeca 24 Innovazione dell’Anno 2013, category “Migliore Idea Prima”, promoted by the magazines of the Gruppo 24 ore horeca industry.
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