New Sustainable iPad Stand for Coffee Retail Business Hits Market.

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“Tablet Nest is A Beautifully Designed iPad Stand for Cafes and Coffee Shops”

With today’s coffee shops diversifying their designs with environmentally friendly choices, one area is no different: the “Point of Sale” at each register. As many coffee shop owners move to save money, some are switching to convenient and cheaper mobile device readers to complete their transactions. Many of those readers are done with iPads.
Tablet Nest has designed a sleek, beautiful, and sustainable iPad stand registers for coffee shops that make transactions easier and safer. Created from sustainable woods and eco-friendly paints, the Tablet Nest allows coffee shops owners to easily slide and secure their iPads and utilize the Square credit card reader for transactions. There are no plastic components to the Tablet Nest’s iPad stand.
While we’ve seen many iPad cases and stands – many of them are plastic and not designed for heavy use. The “Tablet Nest” was designed with the barista in mind and for heavy handling. The result was a beautifully compact, sturdy, and easy to manage iPad stand with a 360-degree swivel base. The base allows for easy switching between users. Additionally the ergonomically designed Tablet Nest allows users to better see the screen in front of them without stretching their back. The one-of-a-kind iPad design also has a unique feature which allows for a magnifying of the iPad’s speaker when music is played. This makes it easier for users to hear any audio files or streaming music.
All these features allow the barista to easily use their iPad for customer transactions and swing the stand towards the customer for final payment.
About 19% of all iPads will end up broken do beverage spills and accidental falls. The rate damage for business is estimated to be nearly 49% after only one year! With the Tablet Nest, transactions become easier and safer to use, saving money and heartaches.
Tablet Nest’s standard base colors are white, black, and clear Mahogany, while custom colors and themes can be done for a additional cost. The iPad stands are handcrafted by American craftsman with a cost range of $155-$165. Tablet Nest is based in Seattle, Washington.
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