Donsuemor Adds Scone Mix and Biscotti Cookies to Line of Artisan Baked Goods.

ALAMEDA, Calif. — Bakers who dream of cooking up perfect, mouth-watering scones with no hassle and coffee shops and grocery stores looking for crisp biscotti coated in Guittard chocolate to stock their shelves will have their wishes fulfilled in 2013.
Donsuemor, the Alameda baker known for baking premium Madeleines, will be offering a new scone mix and a line of Biscotti in 2013. Donsuemor will launch the new products at the Fancy Food Show on Jan. 20-23 in San Francisco.
The two new products are made with the same attention to detail and premium ingredients that have been trademarks of Donsuemor’s products since the bakery started in Berkeley’s gourmet ghetto in 1976. The scone mix recipe makes light, flavorful, moist and buttery scones that come in two flavors: blueberry and lemon currant. The recipe uses all natural ingredients and is certified Kosher. A case holds 12, 24-oz. bags of mix. Each bag of mix yields 12 3 oz scones (144 scones/case). Scone customers only have to add pantry items like half and half and butter to the mix before baking. The mix will sell for $76.20/case, and comes with a mold to cut the scones to equal sizes.
Donsuemor’s Biscottis are made with brandy and anisette liquors, European style butter, and California almonds.  The chocolate-dipped Biscottis are dipped in the finest European-style bittersweet Guittard chocolate. The Biscottis are all natural and certified Kosher. Pricing for a case of Traditional is $29.28 and for the Chocolate Dipped $39.80.
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The Donsuemor Scone Story
A recipe is one part art, one part tradition and a heaping helping of passion. Donsuemor’s scone recipe is an artful interpretation of a 500-year baking tradition that started in Scotland in the 1500s and has evolved into a delightfully flaky and flavorful cake now crafted by bakers around the world.
Donsuemor wondered why American bakers turned the delectable English cake into an overcooked biscuit covered in icing to hide the dryness. So, when Donsuemor decided to sell scones, the Alameda company scoured the country for a recipe that lived up to its stringent standards for baking perfection. Donsuemor found that recipe in a small coffee and Gelato shop in Sacramento, where a pair of passionate bakers were handcrafting the traditional Scottish quick bread the way they were meant to be made — light and flaky, with a crisp interior and a moist center.
The resulting recipe is pure — no preservatives, no additives and all natural. And the result is the delectable flavor and delightful texture of a mouth-watering cake that is perfect for breakfast, afternoon tea, an anytime snack, or an after-dinner treat. Donsuemor is proud to offer its customers a scone recipe true to tradition, full in flavor and comprised of the best natural ingredients.
Donsuemor Scones

  • 1 case (12, 24 oz. bags that make approximately 144 scones)- $76.20
  • Flavors- blueberry and lemon currant
  • All natural, certified kosher
  • Just add pantry items (half and half and butter)
  • Package includes a frame to cut scones to equal size

Donsuemor Biscottis  

  • Flavors- traditional, chocolate dipped
  • Cost per case (48 pieces per case) -$29.28 (plain), $39.80 (dipped),
  • All natural, certified kosher

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