Torani Launches New Signature Syrups.

Eight Distinctive All-Natural, Premium Syrup Flavors

January 15, 2013 – South San Francisco, CA – San Francisco-based Torani has launched new Signature Syrups – eight premium, all-natural syrups with distinctly delicious flavors and heady aromas. Each all-natural flavor is crafted with a combination of pure cane sugar and either agave, maple or caramelized sugar; simple, real ingredients with no preservatives. These are the first syrups in the industry to be produced with unique sugar blends that allow operators to create perfectly balanced drinks in every cup.
Flavor and Sugar Perfectly Paired
Each natural flavor responds differently to sugars, which is why each Signature Syrup flavor uses a sugar blend specifically chosen to enhance that flavor’s unique properties. Agave sugar, used in Vanilla, Raspberry, Lime, Blood Orange flavors, imparts a honey-like sweetness with a clean finish. Maple sugar in Strawberry flavor adds warm and creamy undertones with a lingering richness. Caramelized sugar used in Hazelnut, Caramel and Irish Cream enhances with the deep, rich warmth of brown sugar.
Premium Look, Easy to Identify Flavors
The new Signature Syrup line is packaged in a premium, frosted glass bottle to complement every décor, with flavor clearly denoted on each label and color coded capsule which bears the signature of Torani’s founder, Rinaldo Torre.  Available in Vanilla, Hazelnut, Caramel,
Raspberry, Strawberry, Irish Cream, Blood Orange, and Lime flavors, Signature Syrup can be ordered through select distributors or by phone at 800/775-1925.
Heritage of Flavor Expertise
The experts at Torani are obsessed with crafting real flavor. For more than 85 years, since its humble beginnings in San Francisco’s North Beach neighborhood to its current headquarters in South San Francisco, the family-owned brand has grown from a small local favorite to an international company. Through three generations, Torani has led in flavor and beverage innovation for restaurants and coffee houses. Every Torani product is made with carefully sourced, high quality ingredients to ensure the best-tasting flavor. Torani’s new handcrafted Signature Syrups capture a flavor’s essence and offer consumers an everyday indulgence with simple, all-natural ingredients.
As an industry leader, Torani is passionate about creating partnerships with restaurant and coffee house operators, understanding customer’s needs and responding by developing products that exceed expectations. Torani’s Syrups, Sauces, Real Fruit Smoothies and Frappé Bases are carefully blended to deliver great taste and balance in finished drinks, while offering creative drink solutions that differentiate menus, delight customers and build business.
For more recipe ideas and inspiration, please visit, sales inquiries call 800/775-1925.

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