CinG-X™ capsules available to the public.

The CING-X Corporation launches the online sale of its new capsules

TORONTO, Jan. 9, 2013 – The CING-X Corporation launches its online store to sell and market its new product CinG-XTM capsules to the public.  CinG-XTM capsules will be available on the CinG-XTM website ( retailing at a price of $39.95 for a bottle of 60 capsules. The first order of the capsules is minimal, limited quantities are available; the public is encouraged to purchase their orders while quantities last. Over the coming weeks CinG-XTM representatives will be located at Village Health Food stores across the GTA providing education on CinG-XTM, its uses and benefits, as well as disturbing samples for interested members of the public.
“We have all been anticipating this day for a while now” says Allegiance Equity Corporation CEO David Solomon, “the day when the public can finally receive an all natural option that controls glucose metabolism and improve cognitive function all in one small capsule.  This will greatly reduce their risk of developing conditions and diseases associated with high blood glucose metabolism and poor brain functions.”
CinG-XTM capsules include a proprietary formulation, containing cinnamon and Panax ginseng, in a patented ratio that reduces blood sugar and improves brain functions. The cinnamon acts as an insulin mimetic by activating insulin receptors on the body’s cell membranes, increasing the effect of insulin and further reducing insulin resistance. Cinnamon stimulates the enzymes that help store blood sugar as glycogen. These combine, resulting in lower blood sugar levels and greater storage of sugar in the liver. Panax Ginseng lowers blood glucose and stimulates insulin release.  Ginseng is an adaptogen, it works through the adrenal glands to help the body adapt and cope with stresses, such as fatigue and anxiety,  increasing oxygen uptake and related work load.
High blood sugar is a silent insidious condition that attacks the total body, severely impacting cardiovascular and neurological systems. CinG-XTM is effective for treating and preventing high blood glucose, a major factor in diabetes, cardiovascular and neurological conditions, including dementia and Alzheimer’s.
International PCT Patent  Examiner, under Publication No. WO 2010/048705, favourably reviews the following claims for CinG-XTM in effective amounts, ratios, and dosages:
1. Improvement of cognitive function
2. Prevention and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease
3. Prevention of arterial disease
4. Maintenance and lowering of blood sugar levels
5. Improvement of cognitive function in diabetics
About CinG-XTM:
CinG-XTM is a combination of standardized extracts acting synergistically to control glucose metabolism, improve cognitive function and reduce the risk of developing conditions associated with blood glucose metabolism and brain function.  CinG-XTM has been approved by Health Canada and Master File OF12-21-26454-MF001 supports its claims. International PCT Patent  Examiner has favourably reviewed CinG-XTM claims under the Publication No. WO 2010/048705.
About The CING-X Corporation:
Allegiance Equity Corporation (Allegiance Equity), Legacy Research Corporation (Legacy), and Collagenna Skin Care Products Inc (Collagenna) formulated and funded The CING-X Corporation to market the CinG-X capsules.  Allegiance and Legacy each own a 25% equity share ownership in The CING-X Corporation in partnership with Collagenna.
About Allegiance Equity Corporation:
Allegiance Equity (TSXV: ANQ) is a public company that develops unique standardized mass-market products for the treatment of common diseases where present pharmaceutical treatments and Over the Counter (OTC) products fail to meet the needs of patients.

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