The Best Coffee Shop in San Diego Will Call Mission Beach Home as of January 27 (Sneak Preview to Better Buzz Coffee’s theLab).

With cutting edge, never-before-seen-in-San Diego coffee brewing methods, services, and rare gourmet offerings, Better Buzz Coffee Roaster’s latest creation, theLab, is a laboratory coffee shop that is sure to spell out pure chemistry for coffee and San Diego.

San Diego, CA January 22, 2013
San Diego has come to expect a higher standard of coffee from Better Buzz Coffee Roasters. Better Buzz has, for the past 10+ years, consistently pushed the envelope for enjoying its brew, and San Diego just kept coming back and demanding more.
In fact, there are a lot of things San Diegans have come to expect from Better Buzz Coffee Roasters and their coffee shops. Not just fresh cup of fair trade coffee prepared on the spot, but a Barista behind it who is equipped to educate you on its distinct flavors and origin characteristics (think terms like, “Earthy, heavy bodied, with dark chocolate notes”). Not just fast service, but gourmet coffee preparation dedicated to both the art and science of handcrafting the perfect cup consistently and efficiently. San Diego thought they knew what to expect.
Until now.
Glowing coffee siphons, life size cold brew with spiraling funnels and intermittent glass orbs, two distinct coffee bars with the second specializing in an unprecedentedly scientific (and delicious) take on the foundational drinks of coffee, all in traditional Italian cupped beverages using nothing but organic milk. And this whole experience wrapped up in a turn of the century laboratory style interior. All that is to say:
San Diego has never seen coffee like this before.
Expect to see the bizarre, memorizing glow of theLab’s coffee siphons showing up on your instagram, and the cold brew systems getting tweeted out to all your non-coffee savvy and coffee savvy friends alike. You won’t need to be an industry connoisseur to take advantage of the unusual photo-op.
The Eater, in a recent interview with the owner, Tim Langdon, explains “In addition to their custom pour overs and coffee siphons, Langdon’s particularly excited about theLab’s cold brew system, comprised of special, hard-to-find equipment from Japan, which will drip three liters of coffee each 20 to 24 hour period. Better Buzz will make four kinds of cold brew and bottle it to-go.”
Three liters of coffee each 20 to 24 hour period – in other words – 1 drip every 10 seconds. Now that’s something to buzz about.
But the coffee pros at Better Buzz didn’t stop there. In addition to the home-grown menu items San Diego has come to love, like their killer bees (coffee topped with espresso) and their “Best Drink Ever,” (A refreshing Better-Buzz variation on an iced Americano) this new coffee shop will be offering distinctive breakfast, appetizer, and dessert menu items, like woopie pies and a unique twist on French Toast.
This is not your average specialty coffee shop. This is a headfirst immersion into the handcrafted chemistry behind coffee. It embraces the idea that coffee offers a rich myriad of possibilities and taste profiles, where the artful process of creating it is just as mystifying as drinking it.
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