Latest Maitre’D Release Offers Tools to Boost Profitability.

Back-office_graphicsWith the past few years being marked by a tough economy and modest sales growth, businesses face an economic recession and increasing food prices. These complex market conditions mean restaurant operators must look inward to eliminate excess spending, minimise waste and streamline operations to help build a stronger bottom line.
The latest version of Maitre’D EPOS Software is designed to help restaurants achieve these goals with several new features, including the ability to take orders on a mobile device or Android tablet, key performance indicators, forecasting tools, alerts, dashboards and business intelligence reporting. When combined with the software’s perpetual real-time inventory management capabilities and intelligent reporting services, restaurants gain greater financial control and the accountability they need to make their mark in the restaurant space this year.
“For restaurants to weather the coming year, it’s imperative they increase efficiencies, manage expenses intelligently and tighten controls,” says Michel Cote, President at Posera. “From back-office operations to front of the house service, Maitre’D offers restaurant owners and operators tools to increase top line revenues as well as controls they need to remain competitive and increase profitability.”

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