High-End Coffee Drinks will be Given Out at theLab’s Grand Opening, Better Buzz Coffee’s New Cutting Edge Coffee Shop in San Diego.

Everyone loves free stuff, but no cost, artisan gourmet coffee sourced from around the world, handcrafted with state of the art laboratory equipment by highly trained Baristas at a brand new 35 seat San Diego Coffee Shop is even better.

San Diego, CA January 24, 2013
For so many in San Diego, the wait will be over come Sunday, January 27th, when the Better Buzz Coffee theLab’s doors will finally open and the handcrafted coffee will flow in abundance.
After 12pm, this unprecedentedly gourmet coffee shop will be open to the public. Here’s some of what San Diego is in for:
Glowing coffee siphons, life size cold brew outfitted with spiraling funnels and intermittent glass orbs, two distinct coffee bars with the second specializing in an unprecedentedly scientific (and delicious) take on the foundational drinks of coffee, all in traditional Italian cupped beverages using nothing but organic milk. And this whole experience wrapped up in a turn-of-the-century laboratory style interior replete with recycled wood and industrial grade hardware attempting to pass of as furniture.
The coffee scientists at Better Buzz Coffee have found that the fusion of an 8-century old coffee tradition and the cutting edge brewing methods that modern technology and research afford spell out something very delicious to the San Diego coffee drinker.
San Diego has never seen coffee like this before, but you can be one of the first to.
See more at lifesbetterbuzzed.com.

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