International Ultimate Baristi lineup faces local Chinese barista at the 2012 UBC China Event in Pudong.

Shanghai, China / Portland, Oregon, USA – The 2012 Ultimate Barista Challenge China was held from 14 – 16 November in Pudong at the Shanghai New International Exhibition Center. The FHC China, organized by China International Exhibitions, hosts the UBC China annually in the Coffee & Tea Zone. The Coffee & Tea Pavilion has grown in size & scale since the first UBC event in 2006!
Ultimate Baristi from Russia, Korea and China faced 24 local baristi in “dueling challenges” of Latte Art, Espresso Frappe and Espresso Cocktail Challenges. Barista Challengers from local cafes in and around Shanghai prepared espresso based drinks battling it out in Qualifying Challenges earning cash prizes, medallions, certificates and the right to challenge the worlds top “Ultimate Barista”. If the challenger defeats the selected Ultimate Barista, they become the next Ultimate Barista China in that category! A barista must win each category challenge to become the Ultimate Barista overall. This no holds barred espresso coffee competition is like no other coffee competition in the world where taste, talent and speed earn high marks with certified UBC Tasting and Technical judges.
South Korea’s Ultimate Barista Ms. Sena Lee states, “The UBC China is where professional barista from Cafes, Restaurants and Hotels can come to sharpen their Specialty Coffee skills” The 2011 Ultimate Barista CHINA Hong Jie, Ultimate Barista KOREA Ms. Sena Lee and Ultimate Barista RUSSIA Roman Kantola rounded out their nation’s top talent in coffee and espresso excellence. Ultimate Barista Russia Roman Kantola was challenged in the Latte Art Championship, Ultimate Barista Korea Sena Lee was chosen for the Espresso Frappe & the Espresso Cocktail Challenge Championships!
Eager crowds gathered as Ultimate Barista Russia Champion Roman Kantola demonstrated his techniques for creative latte art & in the Espresso Frappe drinks using Cappuccine mixes as he created tasty coffee concoctions! These demonstrations educate the Culinary audience, FHC attendees and feature UBC China Sponsor products and equipment. Following the demonstrations, audience members crowded the stage to taste the drinks!
UBC Winners in qualifying category: Gou Wen Qiang of The Mianyang Chocolate Cafe placed first in Latte Art Qualifying Challenge; Mr. Chen Hong Jui placed first in Espresso Frappe Challenge and Mr. Finn Huang won the qualifying round in the Espresso Cocktail Challenge. Each Qualifying Finalist was given leather wrapped SARKLASS Barista Kit! Both UBC Ultimates retained their crowns and won their respective challenges. Congratulations to all participants!
Danny Johns, UBC Global Director & Coordinator exclaims, “The FHC is where Culinary & Specialty Food resides! Is a great International Show and is the perfect place to bring Specialty Coffee as an integral part of the dining experience.” “Companies interested in developing a market in China need to be here without a doubt.”
UBC China Sponsors: LA CIMBALI M39 Classic C2 Espresso Machines & Magnum Grinders, JESPRESSO; mainland China distributors of quality coffee equipment, SARKLASS Syrups, CAPPUCCINE Frappe Mixes, Sirman Blenders and Vittoria Coffee.
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About the Ultimate Barista Challenge®.
The Ultimate Barista Challenge® is owned and produced by WholeCup Coffee Consulting, LLC, with 35 years experience in Specialty Coffee and 12 years experience in barista competitions. The Ultimate Barista Challenge (UBC) is an open competition. Barista enter one to four tasty bouts of coffee and espresso challenges: Espresso Frappe, Latte Art, Espresso Cocktails and Best of Brew Challenges. Baristi enter and compete in a qualifying round and those who win go on to challenge an Ultimate Barista of their choice to compete in a one-on-one dueling final contest of fast- paced espresso excellence. For more info, to register, or inquire about available sponsorships, please visit, email: or call 001-503-232-1016. “UBC since 2006”.
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