Indonesia showcases it’s 1st ever Ultimate Barista Challenge at the Interfood Indonesia in Jakarta

Jakarta, Indonesia / Portland, Oregon, USA – The 1st ever 2012 Ultimate Barista Challenge Indonesia was held from 22 – 24 November in Jakarta at the JIExpo Exhibition Center. The Interfood Indonesia, organized by Kristamedia Pratama, hosted the UBC Indonesia in Hall D. This is the first professional Dueling barista competition & on-stage Specialty Coffee demonstration ever held in Indonesia!
Ultimate Baristi USA Greg Suekoff was challenged in all 3 championship categories; Latte Art, Espresso Frappe and the Best of Brew. 22 local Jakarta Baristi from 10 different cafes/roasters participated in this competition. They all battled it out in Qualifying Challenges earning UBCI Sponsor prizes, medallions, certificates and the right to challenge the Ultimate Barista USA to a final championship round. If the challenger defeats the selected Ultimate Barista, they become the next Ultimate Barista Indonesia in that category! The Qualifying barista had to accumulate the most points by the end of the 3rd Day to take the UBCI Overall Points Champion. This is the only Dueling Barista competition is like no other coffee competition in the world where taste, talent and speed earn high marks with certified UBCI Tasting and Technical judges.
Ultimate Barista USA Greg Suekoff states, “Indonesia is where great Specialty Coffee is grown and roasted so what better place to have a barista competition!” Ultimate Barista USA was challenged in the Latte Art, Espresso Frappe and Best of Brew Championship and won 2 of the 3 Championships. He only lost the UBCI Best of Brew Championship.
Eager crowds gathered as some of the Qualifying Challengers & the UBC USA Greg Suekoff demonstrated his techniques for creative latte art for the show attendees. These demonstrations educate the Foodservice & Hospitality show attendees and featured UBC Indonesia Sponsor products and equipment. Following the demonstrations, audience members crowded the stage to taste the drinks!
UBC Winners in qualifying category: Mr. Toguh Priyadi of Mrs. Fields Cookies & Coffee placed first in Latte Art Qualifying Challenge and the Espresso Frappe Challenge. Miss Caecilia Nihdya of 1/15 Coffee won the qualifying round in the Best of Brew Pourover Challenge. She then went on to defeat the Ultimate Barista USA Greg Suekoff in the Championship Round! Mr. Arianto Arief Sulaiman of Jakarta Coffee House took the UBCI Overall Points Award and is now the 1st Ultimate Barista Indonesia! He will represent the UBC in Surabaya in 2013. Congratulations to all participants!
Danny Johns, UBC Global Director & Coordinator exclaims, “The Interfood Indonesia is the ideal show to present Specialty Coffee in addition to all of the great Food, Equipment and Services found on the show floor! “Companies interested in developing a market in Indonesia should check out the Interfood Indonesia”.
UBC Indonesia Sponsors: VIBIEMME Espresso Machines, Cunhill Espresso Grinders, TOFFIN Products, Zicaffe Coffee, Cappuccine, Blendtec Blenders and whip-it!
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About the Ultimate Barista Challenge®.
The Ultimate Barista Challenge® is owned and produced by WholeCup Coffee Consulting, LLC, with 35 years experience in Specialty Coffee and 12 years experience in barista competitions. The Ultimate Barista Challenge (UBC) is an open competition. Barista enter one to four tasty bouts of coffee and espresso challenges: Espresso Frappe, Latte Art, Espresso Cocktails and Best of Brew Challenges. Baristi enter and compete in a qualifying round and those who win go on to challenge an Ultimate Barista of their choice to compete in a one-on-one dueling final contest of fast- paced espresso excellence. For more info, to register, or inquire about available sponsorships, please visit, email: or call 001-503-232-1016. “UBC since 2006”.
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