Children in Northern Peru Enjoy 10th Annual Coffee Child’s Christmas

[wpg width=”300″ height=”300″ align=”right”]Peru – December 2013 – Children in coffee-producing communities of Northern Peru enjoyed hot chocolate and Christmas bread during the Café Femenino Foundation’s annual Coffee Child’s Christmas, or “Chocolatada.” The Foundation’s President, Marilyn Dryke, Founder, Gay Smith, and board of director’s member, Connie Kolosvary, traveled to Northern Peru in early December to pass out the dessert gift to thousands of children in local villages. Smith shared, “For us the best gift of all is the smiles of the mothers when they see their children happy for this annual Chocolatada event.”

During their time in Peru, the Foundation group also visited three early education centers, three community gardens, and several quinoa education and harvesting projects funded by the Café Femenino Foundation in 2013. The Foundation funds grants for projects such as these that directly benefit women and children and eliminate poverty in these remote coffee communities. Through the support of the Café Femenino Foundation over the years, women in these communities now say they are free to work outside the home and are valued for the work they do on the coffee farms and in their homes. Young girls in the coffee communities now attend school, and men now help with the children and housework.

Dryke stated, “Our trip this year to Peru was a great success. Hearing how the Foundation is making a difference in so many communities was both gratifying and helpful to the Foundation as we raise and direct funds for the future.”

The Café Femenino Foundation is a 501(c)3 IRS-licensed non-profit organization whose mission is to benefit women and their families in coffee communities around the world. The Foundation has worked with women and their families since 2004. Visit the foundation website to learn more:


Contact: Marilyn Dryke, Café Femenino Foundation President

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Alternative Contact: Gay Smith, Café Femenino Foundation Founder

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