Tattle Tea Celebrates National Hot Tea Month with Limited Edition “Chai-Fest” Teas

“Chai-Fest” teas are available from January 1st to March 31st

Frenchtown, N.J. (January 8, 2014)Tattle Tea, a dedicated purveyor of hand-blended teas from the company Coffee Bean Direct, is releasing five limited edition chai teas in celebration of National Hot Tea Month which are available from January 1st to March 1st, 2014. National Hot Tea Month is celebrated every January and encourages tea drinkers to expand their repertoires by trying new tea varieties as well as different steeping methods.

“At Tattle Tea we like to capture the season with our limited edition teas, and with National Hot Tea month falling in January we felt a line of warming chai teas would be the best way to celebrate,” said Anthony Borthwick, resident tea expert at Tattle Tea. “Chai is one of the best teas to help drinkers get through the tough winter months thanks to its blend of spices such as cinnamon, ginger and coriander. With our ‘Chai-Fest’ teas, we wanted to highlight the unique spices and showcase how they pair with a variety of different teas and flavors.”

Throughout the month Tattle Tea will also address the misconception that tea is a complicated drink to make at home. Each bag of tea comes with proper steeping instructions for that specific variety, including the “Chai-Fest” teas, and the assurance to “Fear not, it’s just leaves and water.”

The limited edition chai teas available during “Chai-Fest” can be found on the Tattle Tea website and will feature special packaging designs. The teas will include:

The Queen’s Chai Black Tea – Made with Earl Grey black tea, rose petals and chai spices which are infused with real Oil of Bergamot. The Queen’s Chai Black Tea creates an amazingly balanced and harmonious cup.

Mexican Hot Chocolate Chai Rooibos Tea – Starts with Red Rooibos tea and is flavored with Mexican chocolate then blended with chai spices, cocoa nibs and spicy African birdseye chili. This delicious and spicy tea will warm drinkers on even the coldest of days.

French Toast Chai Black Tea – It is hard to go wrong with a French toast flavored black tea blended with cinnamon and other chai spices. This tea is a perfect companion to your breakfast or brunch.

Honeybear Green Tea Chai – Made with Sencha green tea and flavored with honey and salted caramel then blended with chai spices. Honeybear Green Tea Chai is a classic chai favorite that sweetens as it warms.

Forbidden Love Oolong Chai – A Devil’s Food Cake flavored Oolong, blended with rose petals and chai spices.

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About Tattle Tea

Tattle Tea was established in 2013 as a division of Coffee Bean Direct, and expanded upon the company’s already extensive tea offering. Tattle Tea carries over 90 varieties of truly unique teas and blends, all at the best price possible. Tea drinkers can find a selection, black, green, white, oolong, herbal, and decaf teas with flavors available in every variety. Tattle Tea’s mission is to address the misconception that tea is a complicated drink, and arm consumers with the tools and know-how to make the perfect cup of tea at home. For more information on Tattle Tea visit

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