Sigep Rimini. Coffee Educational with Gwlym Davis and Nuova Simonelli

Nuova SimonelliBelforte del Chienti, January 15, 2014 – How to become a champion barista? What are the “secrets” to becoming a barista with superb professionalism and also to winning the championships for this category that take place annually? In Rimini, during Sigep (18-22 January), the 2009 world champion of baristas, Gwlym Davis and technical trainers from Nuova Simonelli will explain how to achieve the level of champions to participants at a “Coffee Educational” divided into two modules.

The first module (Saturday 10-11:00 and Sunday 17-18:00) is “How to become a Champion Barista” and is also an introduction to the Italian barista championship that takes place during Sigep and also to the World Championship, which this year will be held in Rimini in June ( 10-12 ). The second module (Sunday, Monday and Tuesday 10-11:00) will focus instead on “The Role of Temperature in Coffee Quality”. This fundamental subject is always a true “rock” for every barista. Nuova Simonelli has been able to tackle this, introducing T3 technology into professional espresso machines. T3 technology is an acronym that stands for three-dimensional temperature. Today it is the new trend for working in coffee shops because it ensures maximum thermal stability, allowing all the fragrance of the coffee to be maintained and delivered in an espresso.


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