Daylight Mind Coffee Company’s coffee school launching its first coffee course!

Daylight Mind Coffee Company located at 75-5770 Ali’i Dr., Kailua Kona, HI, 96740, is debuting its coffee school.

The recently opened Daylight Mind Coffee Company in Kailua-Kona is officially opening its coffee school with its debut class, Coffee: A crash course, February 24-26, 2014. This long awaited educational facility is the first of its kind in Hawaii and, possibly, the world. Unlike most coffee schools, Daylight Mind is located at a coffee growing origin. Thus, students are truly able to learn about coffee from seed (on the farm) to cup (in the café).

The inaugural course is composed of 10 individual classes covering 10 different topics. Topics include The Hawaii coffee industry, Introduction to brewing, and Coffee and human health. Many of the individual classes will have hands-on components to help students learn experientially, not just through lectures. The course is designed to appeal to coffee enthusiasts and professionals alike.

While this course will be taught by the experts at Daylight Mind, including the internationally recognized coffee expert Dr. Shawn Steiman, future courses will be taught by a mix of Daylight Mind employees and invited instructors from around the world. The Daylight Mind coffee school aspires to redefine what a coffee school should be and aims to teach students from around the world more than they ever thought they wanted to know.

In addition to the school, Daylight Mind Coffee Company offers a full service restaurant, a bakery, a coffee roastery, a coffee house, and event space. All are housed in an unparalleled beach side location, with gorgeous wood interior, and 3500 square feet of outdoor seating.

Daylight Mind takes its name from the literal translation of the Hawaiian word for enlightenment, na‘auao. By weaving a love of scientific exploration together with a deep respect for the wisdom and depth of its Hawaiian roots, Daylight Mind hopes to be a haven for everyone who loves coffee, and especially those who want to learn just a little bit more.

Daylight Mind Coffee Company is open for business daily from 7 am to 9 pm. For more information, visit the website at

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