Workaholics Get A New Wake-up Brew From Two Rivers Coffee

Two Rivers Coffee® has announced the launch of its K-Cup® Single-Serve Workaholics Coffee Line. Five Flavors, each defined by the savory power buzz that gets high achievers to work on time, available now on

New York (PRWEB) January 27, 2014 – Two Rivers Coffee® has launched its new line of single-serve K-Cup® Workaholic coffee Workaholics Coffeeblends, brewed especially for the committed career-chaser who likes his coffee like he likes his image—urban-edgy with a bold edge. The Workaholic coffee line launch coincides with the fourth season premier of the comedy series “Workoholics,” which premiered January 22nd on Comedy Central.

Two Rivers Coffee teamed up with Comedy Central to premier both Workaholics the coffee, and “Workaholics” the sitcom simultaneously; Two Rivers’ five aptly named brew flavors include:

  • Take It Sleazy, a potent light roast for an extra productive morning boost.
  • Let’s Get Weird, a surprisingly balanced and flavorful medium roast.
  • Fully Torqued, a bold, dark roast to soften the woodiest awakening.
  • Straight Grizzly, a honey vanilla roast, this sweet blend wakes the sleeping bear in no time.
  • Half-Christmas Blend, an extra-bold hazelnut roast makes getting up a festive affair all year.

Two Rivers Coffee is offering a 72-count Workaholics variety pack and other variations of all five flavors for a different Joe fix each morning.

“We’re always thinking out-of-the-box, and the opportunity to create the single-serve Workaholics coffee line to coincide with the fourth season premier of Comedy Central’s hit show “Workaholics” was one we couldn’t pass up,” says Two Rivers Coffee Vice President Steven Schreiber. “This is a great brand tie-in opportunity for us, and a fitting one for the show.

The fourth season of “Workaholics” airs Wednesdays at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on Comedy Central. The single-camera scripted comedy features three friends, played by series creators Blake Anderson, Adam Devine and Anders Holm, who live, work and party together in Rancho Cucamonga.

For more information on the Two Rivers Coffee “Workaholic” line of single-serve K-cup coffees, visit the product website or the Two Rivers Coffee website.


About Two Rivers Coffee:

Established in 2010, the Two Rivers Coffee Company is a pioneer in introducing Keurig compatible filtered single-serve coffee pods. Decades of experience in product engineering led to the design of Two Rivers’ unique brewing technology, ensuring that every cup of coffee tastes as fresh and delicious as the last. Two Rivers brings a superior level of experience and knowledge that guarantees quality with every order.

Two Rivers runs multiple dedicated product lines and has the capacity to manage order fulfillment of up to 20 million cups per month, and up to 400,000,000 cups annually as demand grows. Expert roasting is guaranteed, along with the potential to blend new, custom roast flavors to fulfill any unique request. Two Rivers guarantees super-fast turn around with only a 12-week concept-to-delivery lead-time for initial orders. Unlike other Keurig alternative cups, our patented, tension-based covered filtration systems give our cups the look and feel of the original K-cups that consumers have already embraced.

The Keurig® and “K-Cup® names are registered trademarks of Keurig, Inc. and GMCR, and are not affiliated with Two Rivers Coffee.Two Rivers Coffee is available at select retailers nationwide, and through

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