Hasidic Jew Launches Satirical New Coffee Blend

boca diablo editedHasidic Jew Takes on the Devil
Launch Satirical Artisan Coffee Blend
Coral Springs, FL – The Chosen Bean announces the official launch of their micro roasted Boca Diablo coffee blend. Boca Diablo is a French Roast Coffee which delivers a strong flavor without the burnt or charred taste you may have become accustomed to.
“Most French Roast Coffees taste like they came out of hell, however, The Chosen Bean blend allows you to face the devil without tasting it” said Founder and Master Roaster Moshe Ruza. “As an Orthodox Jew, Satan is something we speak about, however we don’t exactly put horns on him and give him a trident” added Ruza. “We like to use satire to express ourselves.”
French Roast Coffee beans are roasted until they are nearly burnt and are one of the most commonly used coffee profiles. The popular beverage is almost always very dark in color and has a distinctive caramelized taste.
As an artisan coffee roasting company, The Chosen Bean spares no expense, ensuring the coffee is fresh and meets the highest standards of quality. The coffee is roasted in small batches, bringing out the potential flavors within each bean. The Chosen Bean orders are roasted specifically for individual purchases and made specifically for each order, ensuring the customer receives the freshest coffee possible with the attention it deserves.
The Chosen Bean is based in South Florida and sources specialty coffee beans from regions across the globe, such as Costa Rica, Kenya and Sumatra.
For more information about The Chosen Bean or to place a fresh order, visit www.thechosenbean.com.

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