The Whole Coffee: tasting menu at Daylight Mind

To celebrate another successful coffee harvest season, Daylight Mind Coffee Company in Kailua-Kona is hosting an unusual tasting menu dinner on January 30, 2015, at 6:30 pm, called The Whole Coffee. The tasting menu includes items that use every part of the coffee cherry, from skin to seed. Roasted and brewed coffee are common coffee ingredients to cook with. This menu will use other parts of the fruit that are often discarded. Never before has such an ambitious culinary celebration of coffee taken place in Hawai‘i.
The tasting menu will be co-hosted by world renowned wine expert, Harvey Steiman, editor-at-large of Wine Spectator magazine. Mr. Steiman has selected an impressive array of wines to pair with this unusual menu. Diners will have the opportunity to enjoy the company and expertise of Mr. Steiman during the meal.
Prior to the meal, at 4:30 pm, Harvey Steiman and Daylight Mind owner Dr. Shawn Steiman will be hosting a coffee and wine pairing. Attendees will explore similarities and differences between these beverages while having full access to both of these experts in their respective fields.
In addition to the restaurant, Daylight Mind Coffee Company offers a bakery, a coffee roastery, a coffee house, a coffee school, and event space. All are housed in an unparalleled beach side location, with gorgeous wood interior, and 3500 square feet of outdoor seating.
Daylight Mind takes its name from the literal translation of the Hawaiian word for enlightenment, na‘auao. By weaving a love of scientific exploration together with a deep respect for the wisdom and depth of its Hawaiian roots, Daylight Mind hopes to be a haven for everyone who loves coffee, and especially those who want to learn just a little bit more.

Daylight Mind Coffee Company is open for business daily from 7 am to 9 pm. For more information, to see the menu, or to purchase tickets to the events, visit the website at

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