Freeddo – Ask me out for coffee

Freddo is a messaging app for users who want to meet with friends or people and chat over coffee. Freeddo is a “Ask her/him out for a coffee” messaging app.

Freeddo is a real experience app which not only connects people and help them communicate before they meet and have coffee. It is a service that provides real experiences to it’s users. An optimistic, possitive service that takes the instant message networking to the base level, which is face2face interaction and connection. With Freeddo app, we angage people to chat, arrange, plan and meet other people, friends or family and have a coffee.

We are trying to help people get more coffee dates, more real life chats, conversations, to help them meet people and have great experiences. One more cup of coffee w/ a friend or a stranger is a true experience, not a chat, not a uploaded pic, not a like. It is something you will always remember and this is what Freeddo want to be for the world.

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