Community Coffee Company Announces New House Blend

16298_12ct_Single-Serve_2point0_House-BlendBaton Rouge, LA – Community Coffee Company released its newest coffee, House Blend. Community® coffee products are quickly becoming household names with well over half of all stores across the southwest selling Community® as a premium coffee brand.
The newest blend, Community® House Blend, provides a new option for premium medium-roast coffee customers and will be a complement to Community Coffee Company line-up of blend offerings. This rich, smooth coffee has a medium body and brightness appealing to medium/medium-dark coffee drinkers.
“The House Blend was created with our customers in mind,” said Scott Eckert, Vice President of Marketing, Community Coffee Company. “Community® House Blend is aimed to be an inclusive coffee with a delicate balance and yet complex full-palate experience.”
Community Coffee Company is continually evaluating its products so that it can better meet the needs of consumers and provide superior coffee experiences. The new House Blend is specifically developed based on consumer feedback on what they enjoy about Community® coffees.
The new blend was created by General Manager of Community Coffee Company’s Green Coffee & Tea Procurement Mark E. Howell. Drawing on his 20 years of experience in the coffee industry, Howell was able to fine-tune the medium-roast coffee to create not only a unique flavor profile for customers but to ensure the new House Blend maintains the familiar rich, smooth flavor expected from Community® products. As a licensed Q grader, he was able to expertly blend the top 10% of Arabica beans from around the world to make this new blend.
Community® single-serve products are currently launching in updated packaging, which is compatible in all single-serve cup brewers, except Vue ®.

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