Viora Lid launch

Seattle, WA – April 20, 2014 – Today, Vaporpath, Inc. is introducing a new single-use, hot cup lid – the Viora Lid – at the Specialty Coffee Association of America’s (SCAA) Annual Exposition in Seattle, Washington.
Over the last decade, the artisanal coffee movement – called the “third wave” of coffee – has exploded in popularity. The third wave has brought dramatic improvements at all stages of production, from coffee plant growing, harvesting and processing to high-quality small batch roasting and brewing. But the to-go lid has been left behind, hardly changing in 30 years.
The Viora Lid delivers a to-go experience in line with the high expectations of the third wave coffee consumers. The Viora Lid drinks like an open-topped cup, unlocks flavor, and eliminates annoying splashes.
“I grew up in Seattle, immersed in the city’s coffee and food culture. Long before the term ‘third wave coffee’ existed, I was on a quest for great beans and quality brewing. However, when I took my coffee to go, I was disappointed by the experience of drinking through a lid,” said Doug Fleming, inventor of the Viora Lid and founder of Vaporpath, Inc. “Lids have a huge influence on the taste experience – they matter.” Years spent studying the science of taste and smell and analyzing how people experience flavor when drinking from an open cup inspired Doug’s Viora Lid design. “The science turned out to be remarkably complicated,” noted Doug, “but I knew we had it right when I started to forget I was drinking through a lid.”
“Consumers have a vast array of premium coffees and teas to choose from,” said Barry Goffe, president of Vaporpath, Inc. “Yet, they’ve had to use to-go lids that have failed to evolve with the market. The Viora Lid offers consumers a premium experience that finally matches the quality of their beverage. Our aim is to deliver the very best lid in every respect and to ensure customers have the best possible to-go experience.”
With a Viora Lid:
● Drinking feels comfortable and natural. Tip your cup, and a drink well fills. Sip your beverage over a lip—just as you would if you were drinking from a ceramic cup. You know exactly when liquid will hit your lips and can sense the temperature. The straw-like opening of conventional lids too often results in a burned tongue. With the Viora Lid, you can enjoy even a piping-hot drink without worry.
● You drink your coffee or tea from a drink well in the lid and experience every nuance of the aroma. Designed mainly to prevent spills, conventional lids lock in flavor. Since aroma accounts for most of our taste experience of coffee and tea, with the Viora Lid, you get to savor the full flavor of your drink.
● You can carry your hot coffee or tea worry-free. Conventional lids—when jostled—shoot out jets of liquid aimed for your clothes or dashboard. The Viora Lid reduces splashes in the first place, and, if your drink does splash, the design directs it back in the cup rather than on you.
This year, the SCAA – the world’s largest coffee trade association with nearly 3,000 company members -welcomes over ten thousand attendees from over seventy-five countries to the exposition in
Seattle. The Viora Lid will be on display at Vaporpath’s booth (#17105), highlighted in the New Product Showcase, and featured in the Best New Product competition.
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