In line with its tradition, Mantiqueira de Minas is the winner of the 2014 Brazil Late Harvest Cup of Excellence® Competition

Carmo de Minas, MG – On Friday, January 23, 2015, the winners of the most important natural coffees competition of the planet, the 2014 Brazil Late Harvest Cup of Excellence® Competition, were announced. In line with its uninterrupted tradition beginning in 2012, Mantiqueira de Minas was, once more, the great winner ranking no less than 12 lots among the 23 champions, among which are the six higher ranked in the event. The lot awarded first place obtained 95.18 points according to the SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America) methodology.

The event was organized by the Associação Brasileira de Cafés Especiais (BSCA, in English) in a partnership with the Agência Brasileira de Promoção de Exportações e Investimentos (Apex-Brasil), the Alliance for Coffee Excellence (ACE) and Sebrae. In the first stage of the contest, a board of Brazilian Judges selected coffee samples from 44 producers. In the final stage of the contest held between January 19 and 23, at the Centro Universitário de Araxá (MG), those samples were submitted to an international jury consisting of representatives from the United States of America, Europe, Asia, South America and Oceania.

Antônio José Junqueira Villela, president of APROCAM, entity controlling and promoting Mantiqueira de Minas – PGI celebrates the prize: “we are from a region producing unique and surprising coffees. In 2011, we obtained our Indication of Origin, as a result of a long-lasting effort we endeavored to identify and value the unique elements that form the terroir Mantiqueira de Minas. It reflects the tradition of a coffee culture that found its home on the slopes of beautiful and sunny mountains, provided with a mild, gentle, climate, perfect for very high quality coffees. It reflects the love we nurture for our cultural identity and for the traditions of our ancestors, today still alive in small and century-old farms where coffee is harvested manually. It also reflects the enthusiasm we share, our spirit of vanguard, always perfecting our processes to highlight the best in our coffee. Mantiqueira de Minas is unique, artisanal, a precious gem in Brazil”.

List of winners from the Mantiqueira de Minas – IP region

1st Place – 95.18 pts – Antônio Marcio da Silva, Sítio Baixadão, Cristina, MG, Mantiqueira de Minas
2nd Place – 93.82 pts – Elson Benedito Daniel, Sítio Sertãozinho, Cristina, MG, Mantiqueira de Minas
3rd Place – 93.00 pts – Edmo Junqueira Villela, Bom Pastor, Carmo de Minas, MG, Mantiqueira de Minas
4th Place – 92.11 pts – Antônio José Junqueira Villela, Fazenda São Benedito, Carmo de Minas, MG, Mantiqueira de Minas
5th Place – 88.75 pts – Marcio Ribeiro Rocha, Sertãozinho, Cristina, MG, Mantiqueira de Minas
6th Place (tied) – 88.71 pts – Jacques Pereira Carneiro, Sítio da Ponte, Cristina, MG, Mantiqueira de Minas
10th Place – 88.36 pts – Josdair Vicente Sandi, Sítio Santo Antônio, Conceição das Pedras, MG, Mantiqueira de Minas
11th Place – 87.75 pts – Severino Breno Pereira Junqueira, Sítio Nossa S. Carmo, Carmo de Minas, MG, Mantiqueira de Minas
12th Place – 87.71 pts – Ipanema Agrícola S/A, Fazenda Rio Verde, Conceição do Rio Verde, MG, Mantiqueira de Minas
14th Place – 87.11 pts – Demetrio Flaviano de Oliveira Sitio Rocinha, Pedralva, MG, Mantiqueira de Minas
16th Place – 86.57 pts – FAL HOLDINGS Participações Ltda, Monte Verde, Carmo de Minas, MG, Mantiqueira de Minas
21st Place (tied) – pts – 85.36 Pedro Sérgio Ferraz Reis, Rancho São Pedro, Carmo de Minas, MG, Mantiqueira de Minas

Contest winners’ lots will be available in the online auction that will take place on March 10, 2015.

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