Loring_DestonerNew Destoners Remove Foreign Objects from Roasted Coffee Quickly and Effectively.
Santa Rosa, CA-Loring Smart Roast has announced the expansion of their product line which includes commercial coffee roasters, rolling green bean carts with built-in scales, and an integrated vacuum lift system for loading green beans into the roasters, to now include roasted coffee destoners. The destoning process removes stones and other debris of a higher specific weight than roasted coffee.
The Loring™ destoners, models D35 and D70, have been designed to integrate seamlessly with the S35 Kestrel™ and S70 Peregrine™ roasters and have a rated batch capacity of 35 and 70 kg respectively. The new destoners have a rugged stainless steel frame, chute and hopper with a self-modulating feed that will not clog or jam and can process the rated batch in about 2-3 minutes. The variable speed control in the operator panel can be adjusted to optimize lift for the bean size and density. The models also feature a built-in cyclone dust filtration system and easy access to the stone collection drawer. Full technical details can be found on the Loring website at http://loring.com/destoners .

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