Olam Cameroon Project

Zachary Fritzhand - Olam_Coffee_LOGO_RGB_COLOUR_LARGE_450pxOlam Specialty Coffee is working on two projects with partner support to improve the quality of life for coffee farmers in Cameroon. Coffee production remains the main economic activity for farmers of Oku and Noni subdivisions in Bui division of the North West Region of Cameroon. The first project seeks to enhance coffee production by providing basic tools necessary for installing and managing coffee farms. The objective is to improve coffee production, increase income and alleviate poverty. The equipment will be used by group members for transporting their harvested coffee, facilitating pruning, spraying against coffee berry disease and clearing of their farms. The second project is to supply electricity to Cheih village (also in Oku subdivision). This shall be done by providing a step down transformer to connect the village to the electricity grid. Cheih village is host to an Olam Wet Mill where coffee from surrounding villages is processed.

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