GrainPro Introduces Solar Bubble Dryer for Drying Coffee

Jordan Dey - DSCN0681Sun-drying is the most common method used to dry coffee in the tropical and sub-tropical regions of the world. However, climate change makes weather very unpredictable and unexpected rainfall can result in delayed drying and quality deterioration. This leads to damage that reduces the market value of coffee.
To address these problems, GrainPro, in close collaboration with University of Hohenheim in Germany, introduces the Solar Bubble Dryer™ (SBD™): a modern drying innovation that minimizes the effects of unpredictable weather for drying coffee and cocoa.
The SBD™ is designed to safely dry coffee and cocoa by acting as a bubble that traps solar radiation to heat the commodities. Moisture is then vaporized and pushed out by ventilators (which also maintain the shape of the bubble). The drying floor is made of a proprietary watertight material to prevent water permeation from below. The top cover and the drying floor are joined together by heavy-duty zippers.
• A safe and innovative drying solution designed to protect coffee and cocoa from unpredictable rains.
• Multi-crop dryer for various agricultural commodities including coffee, corn, rice and others.
• Prevents contaminants such as dogs, leaves, grass, dirt from mingling with the coffee beans.
• Collapsible materials and detachable components make it easy to transport and assemble on any flat surface.
• Can be operated on purely solar or electric power.
• Comes equipped with a rake mixer to easily mix grains when drying.

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