Take Your Label Printer “From Farm Tractor to Rolls Royce”

Kevin McHale - AfiniaLabel-LogoThe Afinia Label L801 Color Label Printer is a Memjet-powered solution allowing coffee roasters and retailers to keep up with changing customer demand and varietals, while experiencing greater ROI. Hedgehog Coffee Roasters portrays the benefits of using the L801 to complete their labels. By switching to the L801, they were able to increase their printing speed by 750% to 1,500%, reduce drying time, and decrease per-label cost, with ink consumption decreasing by 60%.

“Compared to my previous inkjet printer, this is like going from a farm tractor to a Rolls Royce… The quality of labels produced on the L801 was far superior to the quality of our previous labels,” says Scott Stansfield, CEO and Founder of Hedgehog Coffee Roasters.

The Memjet-powered L801 provided Hedgehog Coffee Roasters the affordability, flexibility, and speed needed for their growing business. Contact us at sales@afinia.com to find out what it can do for you.

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