15 & 22 pound capacity Fluid Bed Coffee Roaster

David Hart - ASHE LLC LOGOASHE Industries, LLC was founded in 2005 initially to provide fluid bed coffee roasters to meet the needs of the coffee grower, coffee processor and the coffee roasting professional. Our initial 10 LB fluid bed coffee roasting system has now been expanded to include Electric fluid bed coffee roasters in 15 LB and 22 LB capacities in the same foot print as our work horse 10 LB system. Throughput of ASHE 240 volt fluid bed coffee roasters is typically 1 minute per pound depending on roast preference.   The ASHE 22 LB (10 Kg) system will produce a light-medium roast in approximately 20 minutes with 240 volt electrical service.  To complement our fluid bed coffee roasters, ASHE now provides a purpose built chaff collection system, designed specifically for use with ASHE coffee roasting equipment.  Come visit ASHE Coffee Roasting Equipment at www.ASHELLC.com

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